MAKE DO S.r.l.

One product, endless possibilities

We aimed to merge digital marketing, marketing automation, and machine learning, to help our clients identify the best strategy for their E-Commerce businesses, increase sales and beat the competition. Today the solution exists, and it is called MAKE DO.
MAKE DO is the only software in the world that gives you full access to all your product marketing functionalities, readily available all in one single tool.

Amongst the most popular options...

Overcome technical barriers

and turn them into opportunities

Keep up with digital marketing trends, and promote your products automatically, effectively and strategically.

Start off on the right foot

Choose the product marketing sites to promote your products and advertise your business. MAKE DO is now compatible with all distribution channels available online. It doesn’t matter if you have just started exploring the digital marketing world or if your company already sells through multiple marketing avenues. There is no limit to what you can accomplish!

It all comes down to accurate numbers

Our algorithms collect and organise internal and external data to identify your competitors, gathering data on all aspects of their marketing campaign including products and market pricing. MAKE DO compares your ad campaign with those of your competitors. According to market trends and users behaviours, it then develops the most strategic marketing plan to ensure that you stay a step ahead of your competition, attract more visitors, and convert them into customers.

Don’t waste your resources

MAKE DO analyses how your campaign is generating leads and driving sales. It identifies and momentarily suspends marketing activities that are not generating profit, and are therefore ineffective. This allows the system to redirect your marketing budget to a more profitable avenue, and boosts the campaigns that are generating a higher ROI and more conversions.


MAKE DO directs your investments and activates your product ads only when and where they will attract traffic to your E-Commerce site. The continuous data analysis allows MAKE DO to keep its database up-to-date while developing a sustainable competitive advantage. Through real-time interventions on your marketing ads, it develops an evolving strategy which adapts itself to shifting market trends.

A force of attraction for every single visitor

MAKE DO tracks and records the behaviour and products preferences of every single user that visits your E-Commerce website. By recording your visitors’ on-site behaviour, the software engages with them. It re-positions the advertisement of your products on the screen depending on their actions, and activates banners and pop-ups to influence their present and future purchasing decisions.

Make meaningful connections and grow your relationships

Target your visitors and customers with personalised emails, coupons, and banners based on their on-site actions. Deliver timely and relevant content to generate more sales and establish customer relationships that are built to last.

Self-learning inbound


Master the art of customer attraction and drive customer engagement.

Your potential new customers are already looking for your products. Attract them with MAKE DO! Our algorithms track and analyse the behaviour of each user that lands on your eCommerce website, performing the most effective combination of marketing actions to effectively engage with each one of them. By taking a complex set of data and using it to find patterns and evidence, MAKE DO maximises your audience engagement to convert each visit into a sale.

Take command and

unleash your

full potential

MAKE DO will be here to support you when you decide to activate your campaigns in new marketing channels and product marketing sites, and increase the visibility of your eCommerce site. You can now expand your business globally and advertise your products internationally, even without any technical skills.