MAKE DO S.r.l.

Setup phase

Prior to activating MAKE DO, we will ask for access to your Google or Google Adwords dashboard, to allow the software to record information about your products and campaign data. We will also apply some monitoring pixels to the main pages of your E-Commerce website. These pieces of code provide MAKE DO the vital information that is used to create your most strategic and effective product ads. They allow the software to file the products of your online store, monitor conversions, and detect which product advertisements are generating leads and which ones are weak. MAKE DO also collects the necessary data to record how every single visitor behaves when visiting your online store and how they interact with your products.
At the same time, MAKE DO will identify your competitors and analyse the performance of your campaigns in relation to theirs. It will track the market trends of your product category and collect data from external, news and media sources.
Now MAKE DO is ready to plan your first targeted and personalised sales and marketing strategy.


Sales growth

MAKE DO is now active, and all its algorithms are ready to work on the product marketing sites that you have chosen to promote your products in. To optimise your online marketing budget, MAKE DO removes all the unnecessary product ads. These are the advertisements of the less profitable products of your E-Commerce site, items that are generating fewer conversions or that are causing a negative profit margin.
By doing this, the system can reorganise your marketing budget and redirect your resources for the promotion of items that are in high demand and selling with high-profit margin.
This optimisation analysis is a continuous self-learning process that enables MAKE DO to continuously update itself to create the most strategic and effective digital marketing campaign.


Advertising costs reduction

MAKE DO is a marketing intelligence software that interposes itself directly between your E-Commerce business, and the marketing channels and product marketing sites you decide to be on. MAKE DO is not designed only to direct your advertising budget and increase your sales. We believe that a successful advertising campaign should not be measured only by an increase in sales, but by the optimisation of the advertising budget in relation to the revenue growth. With MAKE DO you can act on both variables, spending less and more wisely to earn more in profits. You will then decide whether to increase your sales potential even further by reinvesting your savings to promote your products in a new advertising channel.


Competitive monitoring

In the digital marketing world, the competitor to be feared is not the one with the most aggressive marketing campaign, but the one that advertises strategically. You can now attract new customers by using a software that not only develops a tailor-made marketing plan for each product that you are advertising, but that also activates re-marketing actions, such as banners and pop-ups, as well as issuing personalised coupons based on the product interests of your visitors.
In addition, MAKE DO analyses the products that your competitors are advertising, their stock inventory, and their stock-out products. It tracks the marketing campaigns of your competitors to stay one step ahead of them and to steal users’ attention away from them and towards you. The program is completely autonomous and does not require the intervention of any web technician or operator.


Multi task machine learning

MAKE DO uses machine learning algorithms and implementations, each with a specific function, which work in synergy to manage the advertisement of your products. Starting from the data you provide to us, such as the identification codes of your products, advertising budget, promos and discounts, and the sales history of your
E-Commerce site, our algorithms absorb and integrate information and run all the raw data through a datalake.
MAKE DO algorithms then elaborate this data and organise it for advanced analytics and machine learning actions. After the data is incorporated, cleaned and organised, MAKE DO can now start to predict market trends and future demands, and position the advertisements of your products efficiently without having been previously instructed to do so.


Approach one-to-one

In the same way that we value the uniqueness and potential of every single E-Commerce business, we want to distinguish each user who visits it. Instead of relying on a mass marketing and re-marketing approach, MAKE DO develops an exclusive one-to-one marketing plan for every single user that visits your E-Commerce website. MAKE DO uses this Single Customer View to categorise your visitors and track the activities they engage in after they land on your site. According to your visitors' behaviour, preferences and visit frequency, our software automatically activates the marketing or re-marketing action that is most suitable for converting each visit into a purchase, both present and future.

Emails with personalised content and products
Dynamic product ads
Redirection to specific pages
Blacklist activation
Page layout modification
Coupon activation


Performance Dashboard

Digital marketing and online advertising can be complex, but we are here to support you and help you achieve your goals. You won't have to worry about anything. Once MAKE DO is active, you will gain access to your personal Performance Dashboard, a tool dedicated exclusively to the performance of your E-Commerce site. We will share all the phases of your project with maximum transparency, and evaluate your progress together. With this business intelligence tool, you can now monitor your stock data, product sales, active campaigns, and sales budget formulas to supervise your E-Commerce performance in realtime, allowing you to manage your digital strategy and predict future actions.