MAKE DO S.r.l.

General information

MAKE DO has strict policies and procedures on data management and security. In order to implement and protect the confidential exchange of information, all project executives and support members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the security of all private data processing.

  • Our team of experts work in full compliance with the terms and conditions of security and confidentiality. The access to product data is strictly limited to a closed group of professionals, who can only access and interact with separate and specific sections of your E-Commerce site. We will only utilise your product data with your strict authorisation to create a marketing strategy using variables and algorithms to optimise your online marketing campaign.

  • The non-disclosure agreement for all the data processed stipulates that the information regarding your E-Commerce site, and the performance of your campaigns, can be accessed and consulted only from your personal IP address. To access the online Performance Dashboard and check your sales performance, you will be required to create an account and set up your personal login verification. This process will be followed by a login confirmation email, which reports the date and time of every specific log-in. In order to further implement data protection and accessibility, the URL of the Performance Dashboard page will be protected by a combination of alphanumeric characters. In certain instances of a specific client security request, the entire platform can be covered with encryption.

Marketing campaigns payment

  • We want our approach to be clear and sincere. For this reason, our company policy unquestionably requires that payments for marketing campaigns are paid directly by the Customer, with a direct relationship between customer/service. This means that you have the certainty of knowing exactly how much you pay, without having to deal with monetary transactions from third parties.

  • You will only be required to pay MAKE DO for the license to utilise our algorithms. This payment will be collected in the form of a service fee, which will also cover the hosting of all data. MAKE DO currently uses 25 redundant servers in the Cloud to correctly manage all of its data.