MAKE DO S.r.l.

With multi-channel marketing, be where your customers are

MAKE DO is by your side connecting all of your avenues of sale and developing your multichannel sales strategy. When you decide to grow your multi-channel E-Commerce business, you will give your customers the possibility to interact with your activity, thereby increasing conversions dynamically.
MAKE DO interacts with varied marketing channels to learn which one is the most profitable for advertising each product of your E-Commerce business. By managing each product singularly, it positions and re-positions each one from one channel to another, comparing results and selecting the avenue which provides the best potential for high sales and conversions.

Your all-in-one marketing solution

Online business competition is fiercer than ever, and running a successful E-Commerce website can be quite tricky. It requires technical web marketing knowledge, SEO and data analysis skills, and most of all, time. MAKE DO is a comprehensive machine-learning software that uses a strategic approach to manage your stock inventory, optimise your advertising budget and develop all aspects of your online marketing campaigns. We will give you access to your own private Performance Dashboard, a unique reporting tool which continuously and dynamically imports data, formulas and marketing variations. You will not only be able to keep track of your inventory and manage the pricing models of your products, but also real-time insight into the performance of your campaigns as you explore your marketing analytics.

Explore your possibilities, challenge your limits; nothing can stop you!

Taking your business global has never been easier! With MAKE DO you can now sell your products internationally, without limits, and without having to rely on a team of technicians.
MAKE DO will be by your side as you expand into this opportunity for growth, development and brand transformation. Through the integration of the most popular online product marketing sites and online marketplaces, MAKE DO will find the most effective marketing strategy to reach foreign markets and promote your products internationally.

Choose a unique marketing solution tailored just for you

There will always be a segment of the population that is interested in unique, one-of-a-kind, or handmade products. It is in this particular instance that marketing becomes vital for small, product-specific businesses to survive in and even dominate a niche market, where consumer awareness of your product is low. Even if you sell niche products, MAKE DO will elaborate a unique and strategic marketing campaign that allows you to reach your public effectively, establish a dominant position in your category and increase the visibility of your online store. MAKE DO will continuously import data and update itself to develop the most effective and successful marketing strategy that best reflects your business identity, your journey, and your marketing goals.